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UWfirmforce tries to be useful for firmware images reversing. It can currently match series of signatures and trigger further analysis of data blobs, possibly with a relevance estimation. General purpose forensic functionalities are planned as well, as is automatic decompression and extraction of content, would it be a compression, archive or filesystem format.

It features a plug-in system, for which the API will totally be changed and/or extended to support these features.

Stay tuned for more, please contribute with new formats if you can, we hope this tool will be useful and let you have some fun!


Somewhat efficient automated firmware reverse-engineering tool
Coded by khorben <gro.llawrebu|nebrohk#gro.llawrebu|nebrohk>
Copyright (c) 2006, 2007 Uberwall
UberWall security team \../. .\../




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